Sudbury/Kanata Ontario Canada | December 13, 2013

Deltion Innovations Ltd. and Neptec Design Group Ltd. today announced that they have reached a strategic partnership agreement to collaborate on specific projects regarding space flight systems (SFS).

This strategic partnership agreement comes just days after Industry Minister James Moore released the Government of Canada’s response to the Emerson Review on Aerospace and Space Programs.

Neptec Design Group Ltd. of Kanata, ON has been a CSA/NASA prime contractor since 1995 and in that capacity has achieved multiple awards and the highest possible annual contractor performance rating with NASA two years in a row. Neptec has delivered space-certified flight machine vision systems on three different NASA programs and has supported over 40 Space Shuttle missions with more than 30,000 hours logged in Mission Control.

Today’s announced strategic partnership means that Deltion will engage Neptec as the Prime Contractor for ongoing and future space related projects.

Deltion Innovations Ltd. of Sudbury, ON designs and fabricates space mining systems and terrestrial mining systems and facilitates the transfer of technology between the two sectors. Technology includes drilling/excavation systems, processing, power systems, remote operations and subsurface exploration equipment.

“This is a very important milestone for Deltion, a new enterprise in Sudbury, the heart of the Canadian mining industry”, stated CEO Dale Boucher. “This new alliance with Neptec will allow Deltion to focus on new mining systems for space, and will provide us with critical access to space flight hardware expertise.”

“Neptec has collaborated with Deltion for a number of years,” added Neptec’s Mike Kearns. “The partnership establishes Neptec and Deltion as a solid, proven made-in-Canada solution.”

The United States of America (through NASA) is considering a space exploration mission to return to the lunar surface in 2018. The mission is called the Resource Prospecting Mission (RPM). The purpose of this mission is to prospect for water and evaluate the other potential resources available on or below the lunar surface.

In addition to the enormous potential for commercial applications in space, the Resource Prospecting Mission is a key stepping stone in the ultimate space exploration goal of establishing human habitation on the moon and Mars.

Canada has been invited by NASA to play a key role in the RPM Mission. We have been asked to provide a space qualified drill which will dig for water and a mining rover which will carry the drill and other instruments necessary to meet the mission objectives.

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