Neptec UK’s first contract is with Sener/ESA for the design and build of the High Accuracy Metrology System (HAMS) for use on the Proba 3 Mission which is scheduled to launch in 2018.

Proba-3 consists of two small satellites, weighing 250kg and 200kg, which by precise formation flying will become a virtually fixed structure in space.

They will be mounted one on top of the other for launch and sent into orbit around the earth together.  While the distance between two satellites is normally several kilometers, these satellites will stay approximately 150 meters apart during formation flying maneuvers.

Neptec UK’s major subcontractors are Micos of Switzerland and Neptec Design Group of Canada. The HAMS is funded by UK Space Agency, Swiss Space Office and the Canadian Space Agency.

“With the Proba 3 project, a brand new industrial collaboration has been set-up between Neptec UK and MICOS (Switzerland) to provide the high accuracy metrology system which is a very advanced technology at the heart of the Proba 3 Formation Flying System”

                               -Franco Ongaro, Director of Technical and Quality Management of the European Space Agency‎.