Monday, June 19th  marked the beginning of the 52nd Paris Air Show, the largest aerospace event in the world. Mike Kearns of Neptec UK and Michel Lortie of Neptec Design Group are in attendance.

Neptec technology is currently an important part of three European Space Agency (ESA) programs; ExoMars, Proba 3 and Lunar Resurs. These three programs are being featured in the ESA Exhibition Chalet at the Paris Air Show which is both exciting and an honour for Neptec.

The ESA Exhibition includes:

  • A mockup of the two Proba 3 satellites hanging from the ceiling along with a detailed description of the mission. Neptec is providing HAMS, the metrology instrument as a key technology on the mission.
  • A model of the 2018 ExoMars Rover. Neptec is providing the navigation sensors to safely guide the rover over the Mars surface.
  • The Lunar Lander is featured in a poster image of the LUNA 27 mission. Neptec is providing the landing sensor for the mission, which will help ensure a safe landing on a level surface.

For more information on Neptec’s role in the above missions, please see our website or